Elastic Perspective


Vinex Carnisselande, Alex de Vries, published in ‘Het Elastisch Perspectief’
Stern/Den Hartog& De Vries/ Published by Gemeente Barendrecht/De Zwaluw, isbn 978-90-77794-10-4

Hans Wilschut (1966) is a photographer who dissolves time in his images. This is quite an achievement for a photographer who is dedicated to snapshots. He does this by photographing in the relatively brief period while the sun is setting. In the disappearing light he takes shots in which time lingers and lasts. Because of this, all his photographs obtain the character of unchangeable grandeurs. The contradiction lies in the fact that, by doing this, he actually emphasizes the fleeting character of things. Wilschut’s photographs have a lot of authority. His urban impressions hold their ground and hardly have an illustrative quality. In the photographs of Carnisselande, this approach results in the image of the Vinex quarter becoming a visionary content, whilst at the same time being placed in perspective. The architecture is represented timelessly, but is at the same time ever so dated by emphasizing personal details. These are very recognizable and so grasped in their precision that they show what the individual desire of the urban resident does to the constructed surrounding. By looking at it with personal involvement –how does the individual relate to major-scale infrastructure -, these magnifying photographic images are powerful statements.

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