La Nave

Met trots kondig ik mijn debutfilm La Nave aan. Binnenkort zal de film in premiere gaan. Wilt u op de hoogte worden gehouden van vertoningen, meld u dan aan voor de nieuwsbrief.

Four enormous apartment buildings in Naples, Italy, seem to determine the lives of their inhabitants. Designed by architect Franz di Salvo in 1962, the original ideological principles meant to enhance social cohesion, were abandoned completely when construction started in 1975. Poor quality construction materials were used, the design altered and a total lack of infrastructure and services transformed the imagined utopia into a dystopian failure. Ever since, the Vele in Scampia have been synonymous with illegality, drugs, crime and murder.
Hans Wilschut’s documentary debut tells a story about people trying to regain control of their own lives.

Directed by Hans Wilschut

Camera & Sound: Hans Wilschut, Gilles Frenken
Production, Translations, Research: Patricia Pulles, Maria Luna Nobile
Editor: Marco de Stefanis
Composer: Johan Hendrikse
Sound Designer: Henk-Jelle de Groot
Graphics Designer: Jan van Mechelen
Colourist: Laurent Fluttert
Produced by Edgar Kapp

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