Still Motion, lyric reflections on urbanism

Hans Wilschut photographs (nocturnal) urban and industrial sceneries all over the world using a technical camera. Wilschut quenches himself on specific details in his photographic work and succeeds in defining the urban scenery by capturing these very details. Beyond the physical town as a palisade of brick, glass and concrete, Hans Wilschut reflects the urban scenery as the materialised desire of man.

Order at: W books (previously uitgeverij d’ Jonge Hond)

Still Motion is co-produced by MKgalerie
Design by Jan van Mechelen, Zee Rotterdam.
Forword by Sjarel Ex, Essay by Xandra de Jongh

Dutch-, English / bound / 11.8 x 9.4 inches
144 pages /  50 photoworks / nur 652
isbn 978-90-89101-66-2 /  € 39,95
W books (previously uitgeverij d’ Jonge Hond)

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