Wild Summer of Art 2-Brutus

Wild Summer of Art 2

12 July-25 August 2024

Open: tu-su, 12:00 tot 18:00 hrsOpening event: Friday 12 Juli 2024, 19:00 hrs

The evening will be filled with performances and ...

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Rijnmodiaal Museum Vlaardingen

5 Juli – 31 October 2024

Museum Vlaardingen opens its doors to contemporary art from the region. After the previous success in 2022, Rijnmondiaal #2 will start at the beginning ...

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Eleven Cities Prolongued Until 2027

From 2018, thirteen works by Hans Wilschut (1966) can be seen in the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden. On behalf of the museum, the landscape photographer took photos of the Frisian ...

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Art Central Rotterdam XL

The winter edition of ART Central Rotterdam XL will bringtogether a series of contemporary art spaces and galleries, local cultural institutions, and artist-run spaces in a curated exhibition. De Goot, ...

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Non Static Architectural Encounters

Solo Exhibition from 4 November – 9 December 2023

Opening Zaterdag 4 November 2-5 pm.

Galerie van den Berge will show recent photoworks and videoworks

Tom van den Berge & ...

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Beirut, Epi-Centre Ville

My latest book recalls the aftershock of the explosion that hit Beirut in 2020. This blast gradually disappeared from the news, but felt extremely close to me. With this book ...

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