Kunstkamers Rotterdam

Kuka Rotterdam is an art route for contemporary art and visual culture in the North Island in Rotterdam with a special interest in situational art. Unlike the (Dutch) mainstream art route where the emphasis is usually on the presentation of existing works of art studio or gallery spaces, the works will be displayed in the home and or bedrooms (private rooms) of residents of the North Island. The work shown is location specific and occurs in the circumstances, a collaboration between artist, organization, location and its occupant (s). Basically Kuka is best to be seen in line with the Chambre d’Amis was organized by Jan Hoet in Ghent in 1986.

The route, which can be visited for three days, offers an accessible contact with the arts and hopes to establish contact between , inhabitants, visitors and entrepreneurs. In the future, the route hopes to develop and promote the Northern Island as a serious venue for arts and related cultural expressions within the city of Rotterdam and of course far beyond. By uniting established artists to with the locality of the Northern Island Kuka will try to create a blend of art and culture that is fueled by curiosity and perhaps a touch of voyeurism. A composition in which all interested parties the opportunity to step outside the usual path.

Frank Koolen | Catalina Nistor | Lilian Stolk | Elke Baggen |Jasper
Coppes | Roos Blogg | Lola Bezemer | Roos van Leeuwen | Marijke ten Caat |
Fraser Stewart | Jamie Felton | Ton Zwerver | Kirsten Hallegraeff |
Preben van der Straete | Joshua Thies | Natasa Kokic & Øystein Agerlie
| Bonno van Doorn | Maarten Rots | Rene Castelijn | Lonneke de Groot |
Sil Hann Krol | Hans Wilschut

+31 (0)10 7526747 of +31 (0)6 12106383

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