For the book BANK, Hans Wilschut photographed the creation of a young Eindhoven icon: the new Rabobank office, a structure designed by the renowned architectural firm UNStudios. For these photos, Wilschut climbed to the heights, settled into a construction crane and initially focused on the impressive emptiness below him. Abstract photos of a deserted sand plain, fertile ground for concrete. In the period that followed, the photographer would build a unique relationship with his subject. He was there as the floor plan slowly took shape, recorded the growth spurts and was finally able to almost touch the structure from the crane. Through the eyes of Hans Wilschut, we see the conception, gestation period and birth of a unique building.

Publisher: OVG Real Estate
Publication date: December 14, 2017

Idea and Photography: Hans Wilschut

Art direction and design: Studio Beige

Image editing: Studio Beige, Hans Wilschut

Text editing: Daan Dekker

Production: Wouter Blom, Alexandra Smith
Distribution: Trichis
Language: Dutch

Format: 235-345 mm portrait

272 pages, illustrated (colour and black and white)



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