foto Johan Nieuwnhuize

As an artist I have been working in the urban context for over 25 years. Mostly from my own projects, but also on commission I arrive at my results, resulting in photo works, video works, film works and publications.

The urban landscape is alternately defined in my photographic work by stillness, abstraction, contemplation and transition. Initially I mainly worked on stand-alone works, but as my oeuvre has grown, I increasingly position my work in project form.

My biggest challenge is to make images in such a way as key moments of the time in which I live. Originally, I mainly searched in the urban environment and within architectural situations for stories as the basis for my work. Recently, the boundaries of the city, the periphery and the surrounding landscape have become a natural part of this.

Color and detail are now well-known components in my photography. In my oeuvre I have also extensively explored the possibilities of perspective. I consider all optical means that are necessary, so I carefully organize my points of view. I rarely shoot casually, it almost always involves a process of research. However, I do not underestimate casual photos, but usually I make them again and hopefully more consciously and better.

In my work, the tension between the outsider’s gaze and his involvement with his environment is deliberately brought to a head. An overarching subject is the living environment of humans, the city as an architectural and social space and the tension between them. Recurring sub-themes are globalization, migration, trauma, climate change, tourism, industry, representation, urbanization and global economy.

Photo: Johan Nieuwenhuize

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