Eleven Cities Prolongued Until 2027

From 2018, thirteen works by Hans Wilschut (1966) can be seen in the Fries Museum in Leeuwarden. On behalf of the museum, the landscape photographer took photos of the Frisian eleven cities and Drachten and Heerenveen. Wilschut was inspired by old sketches and drawings from the collection of the Fries Museum. These old prints and drawings can be seen together with the photos in De Eleven Cities. In the 17th and especially in the 18th century, draftsmen walked through Friesland to put the appearance of cities, villages, streets and important buildings on paper. Until the advent of photography, the urban landscape was captured in this way. The drawings and paintings paint a picture of how the cities grew over time. With the commission by the Fries Museum to photographer Hans Wilschut to portray the cities of Friesland, this tradition is being restored. Wilschut shows a contemporary view of the thirteen Frisian cities of today. And he offers a special perspective. Literally, because he photographs a lot from high up. Figuratively, because from that point of view he mainly pays attention to places of transformation. In addition to the traditional eleven cities, he also portrays Drachten and Heerenveen, places that can no longer really be called villages.

Until 31 December 2027

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