archival print/dibond/white frame
53.5-70.8 inches, (edition 5 + 2 a.p.)

Diepsloot is Afrikaans for “deep ditch”. It is one of the most populous townships in Johannesburg. Diepsloot was established in 1995 as a temporary transit camp for some of the people who were forced to leave Zevenfontein. The population of Diepsloot fluctuates around 350,000 people. Many of them live in 3×2 meter shags, built from scrap, wood, plastic and cardboard. Most families have little access to running water, sewage or waste disposal. Diepsloot is known as one of the most notorious ‘townships’ where crime, violent protests and unpredictability are the order of the day. The population in Diepsloot is rich in different tribes, cultures, traditions and nationalities. Lack of education is not a rarity, leading many to live a bitter and underprivileged life.

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