Brutus-Wild Summer Of Art

Wild Summer of Art combines the rut of the new roaring twenties with the brooding excitement of a holiday love and the freshness of a bottom-up artist initiative. This exhibition shows recent work by upcoming talent, mid-career makers and established names from region 010. This exhibition shows where Rotterdam art is and where it is going. It is the artistic thermometer between the buttocks of a feverishly working city.
Wild Summer of Art is a dynamic group exhibition that changes from time to time. There will be a grand opening on 1 July and part two with opens on 6 August. The whole will be completed on September 4 with a special finissage. The exhibition can be visited free of charge from July 1 to July 30 and August 7 to August 28 from Thursday to Sunday. Not entirely unimportant: the art is for sale! The entire amount goes to the artist.

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