The Art Of Making Architecture

In the intermediate domain of ??architecture and visual arts, the boundaries of art, design, architecture and urban planning are constantly being explored. In this exhibition, visual artist Rob Voerman, photographer Hans Wilschut enter into a dialogue with Eindhoven architects Ralph Brodrück & Renato Kindt, Jan Schevers and Wouter Hilhorst & Hyukjin Kang. This presentation takes place in collaboration with the TU/e ??and has an educational component, more than 55 master students of architecture TU/e ??participate with work in this exhibition.
The projects show the results of the convergence of the conceptual attitude of the engineer and the intuitive approach of the artist. This blurring of boundaries reveals itself in a common attention to the sensitive, material research and experiment. This method of collaboration makes the analytical process coincide with the empirical process, based on the interaction between the experience of making and the reflection of thinking. It is important that the basis for the meaning of things does not lie in the things themselves, but arises from our relationship with them.

June 18 to July 17, 2022, opening June 17 at 5 p.m.

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