Ultra Vision

Ultra Vision was realised in 2016 in Centraal Museum Utrecht [NL].

During four seasons, Hans Wilschut (Ridderkerk, 1966) photographed four panoramas from the Utrecht Dom Tower. The panoramas offer a view on the inner city, the suburbs, city limits and province. Wilschut presents a cityscape which the human eye would never be able to behold. Because each panorama consists of 60 to 90 shots, made from three different perspectives (from 40, 70 and 95 meters high), the image is crystal clear, both from up-close and in the distance. Like his 17th century colleague Pieter Saenredam, known for his precise representation of cityscapes and church interiors, Wilschut unites different perspectives and corrects them slightly. Wilschut uses digital montage techniques for this end.
For his exhibition in the Central Museum, Wilschut developed a spatial set-up of these panoramas where the visitor can seek his relation with the city in peace.

Panorama tradition
The work Ultra Vision is inspired by famous panoramas like the ones by H.W. Mesdag (Scheveningen/The Hague, 1881) and Eadweard Muybridge (San Francisco, 1878). Utrecht also has some photographic panoramas, made from the Dom Tower by amongst others W.C. van Dijk in 1870.
The Foundation Urban Photography Utrecht, which committed this assignment, thought that the time was right for a contemporary cityscape – definitely with all the changes – with a modern twist to the ancient panorama.

Wilschut is a trained painter and his painterly view can be felt in his photography. His summer panorama, in the direction of the North, reminds of a sparkling Ruisdael image with lots of cloud activity. The contours of Amsterdam can be detected at the horizon. On the misty spring panorama, trees are budding along the canals. Wilschut opted to make the winter panorama in the direction of the west, because of its associations with clear days and low-hanging backlight. The autumn panorama was made in the direction of the East, towards the Utrecht Hill Ridge.

Growth and change
Unlike most documentary photographers, Wilschut creates his own reality. In this case, by combining perspectives. All over the world, he records growing and changing processes in urban areas with his technical camera, and often from high perspectives. Amongst them recently also the series ‘Utrecht Centraal’ about the station area in Utrecht, where he used roofs and cranes.
For Ultra Vision, Wilschut photographed from the three galleries of the Dom Tower. Most of the time, a city is a complex and huge thing to grasp, but in this case, the city of Utrecht fits on four panoramas. This is only possible because the Dom is so high and because the city itself is relatively small.
With the Dom Panorama, Wilschut wants to connect the historical with the future Utrecht and to show how the city relates with the surrounding world.

Ultra Vision by Hans Wilschut is part of the project Stadsgezichten. Utrecht in transitie /Cityscapes. Utrecht in Transition. This is a series of 12 photography assignments by the Foundation Urban Photography Utrecht about the current scale expansion of Utrecht.

Mireille de Putter.

Ultra Vision Zuid, 2016, clipso lightbox, 3,5-7 meter

Ultra Vision Zuid, 2016, clipso lightbox, 3,5-7 meter

Ultra Vision Noord, 2016, clipso lightbox, 3,5-7 meter

Ultra Vision Noord, 2016, clipso lightbox, 3,5-7 meter

Ultra Vision Noord en Zuid, 2016, clipso lightboxen, 3,5-7 meter

Ultra Vision, 2016, overview

Ultra Vision West en Oost, 2016, clipso lightboxen

Ultra Vision West, 2016, clipso lightbox, 3,5-7 meter

Ultra Vision Oost, 2016, clipso lightbox, 3,5-7 meter

Ultra Vision Oost, 2016, clipso lightbox, 3,5-7 meter

Ultra Vision, 2016, overview

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